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Strong vocabulary is a pre-requisite if you want to ace the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. Developing a strong vocabulary requires time and patience. However, you should not become pessimistic if you do not have sufficient time to develop your vocabulary. It is in such a situation that GRE word lists come in handy. The following section will explain what word lists exactly mean.Understanding Word lists for GREGRE word lists consists of the words, and their synonyms, which might be required during the examination. Do not worry; it is not like memorizing the dictionary! You will only have to memorize the required words. While studying these word lists you will come across words that you already know. Sometimes you know the words and all you need to learn are the synonyms. To help you with memorizing some unusual words,some websites consisting of word lists have been described in the following section of the article.Developing Your VocabularyYou can learn new words from any reading materials, like books,magazines or newspapers. However, this is a time consuming process.During your GRE preparation, you will find that time is of the essence and hence, learning words in a simpler manner is always welcome. One of the easiest processes is memorizing words. Some of the better known websites that offer to improve your vocabulary are as follows:

    : This website promises to teach new words in a unique manner. The website has two subdivisions. One of them consists of simpler words and the other comprises more difficult words. The words under the heading ‘Basic GRE Words’ are the commonly used words. You probably have knowledge of these words. The ‘Advanced GRE Words’ lists, consist of words that you will not be acquainted with. Moreover, it also teaches you easy methods for remembering these words. Each PDF list of words consists of 100 words. Thus, if you need well-organized and exhaustive GRE word lists then you should check this website.
  • This website will teach you words with the help of flashcards.Flashcards are memory aids that will improve your vocabulary in an easy to learn manner. There are other methods also, like learning the word and its synonym and antonym at the same time. If you do so, then you are memorizing not just one word, but three at the same time. The website has lists of synonyms and antonyms. You can choose the method that is most comfortable for you, and start learning new words. This website also has GRE word lists tests, which will help you understand your progress. So if you require a website that will teach, as well as,help you monitor your progress, then you should check this website.
  • This website consists of a large number of words, listed in an alphabetical manner. If you click on a particular word then it will link to a page, which has an elaborate description of the word. This website is especially helpful if you are looking for the meaning of a particular word. It is also helpful if you want to memorize words by understanding their meaning. Hence, if you are looking for an elaborate explanation to meanings of words then you should check this website.

Candidates trying to prepare for the GRE examination, often find it difficult to give time to developing their vocabulary. If you want to learn an easy method of developing it then check out the following section of the article.Link to Learn Words in an Easy MannerThis particular website, viz, is for a computer application, which promises to teach you 3000 new words through the medium of interactive games. You can download this software and learn new words in an easy-to-learn and interesting way.Moreover, it also takes away the stress of having to simply memorize a large number of words. This makes learning new words easier. Hence, if you want to learn new words without getting worried about it, then you can check this website.The list above provides the basic features of certain websites that promise to teach you useful words for GRE. However, the thumb rule for learning words in a short time is memorization. So select a particular website and follow the instructions carefully if you want to learn word fast!

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