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Originality does not mean thinking something that was never thought before; it means putting old ideas together in new ways.


Originality has a different meaning for everyone. It is something new, useful, and interesting. It is a basis for many inventions. You cannot define originality in one word or one sentence. It can be inventing new things, innovations or just putting old ideas together to invent something new. Originality has very vast scope; you cannot bind it with few statements. It is related to creativity.Originality is key to success in the new developing world. It is a key factor in almost every sector. However, you cannot restrict originality with something, which no one has thought before. It can be using good old ideas or part of old things to create a new thing or representing old ideas in new frames. It can be good sometimes because this way you can restore old things. Music industry is a good example of this. These days many artists are presenting old songs with new music instruments and new videos. In a way, they are making new generation aware of the old cultural and musical heritage.The quantum theory is a good example of originality depending on the old and proven facts. The basic of quantum mechanics is Newton’s old mechanics and it is full of new ideas. The new quantum mechanics has restored the old and valuable ideas of Newton’s mechanics.Sometimes, it is one’s outlook, which gives birth to new ideas. Every individual has a different way of looking at the things. For example, everybody knows the power of steam. However, James Watt thought about using steam in a way that nobody had thought before and invented steam engine. His thinking differently gave birth to a new invention. Sometimes, new ideas and inventions have no strong base. They come out without any prior evidence or old ideas. Similarly, the idea of internet did not spring out all of a sudden. It was inspired from ARPNET that was initially used by the army.However, there are arguments about the level of originality. What type of inspiration is considered original? This is an important question as there is a very thin line between getting inspired from somebody’s work and using it to create a new thing and copying somebody else’s work. In fashion industry, old fashions and styles are coming back. New designers are inventing new fusion dresses by combining old styles with new modern look.Therefore, one has to look for old ideas to think creatively. One has to research the old data to understand the demand, requirement, and the trend. Then only can one make a basis for his new process of thoughts. The value of old ideas cannot be simply ignored.Therefore, you cannot say that originality has to be something that was never thought before. It can be a new angle to an existing thought. Originality can be stretched human knowledge, which gives way to new inventions. One should have the freedom to take inspiration from existing ideas or from Nature. Thus, one can take inspiration from old work but after giving respect to the person behind the old ideas.SAT Issue Essay 1 | SAT Issue Essay 2 | SAT Issue Essay 3 | SAT Issue Essay 4 | SAT Issue Essay 5 | SAT Issue Essay 6 | SAT Issue Essay 7 | SAT Issue Essay 8 | SAT Issue Essay 9

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