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The study of an academic discipline alters the way we perceive the world. After studying the discipline, we see the same world as before, but with different eyes.


I strongly agree with the author’s statement that education or studying a disciple can alter your way of seeing the world. Education can change the way you perceive the world. Anyways, every person has a different view point, hence a different way of seeing things. We can compare it with our thought process when we are young and how it changes when we grow up. Similarly, education changes our thought process.For example, earlier, when man was not aware of the solar system, humankind used to consider earth as a flat structure. However, once we studied the outer space and discovered about the solar system, we came to know about earth being round. It was also clear after studying the solar system that the earth is roaming around the sun and it is not the other way round. It proves that the study of an academic discipline changes the way we recognize the world.Similarly, in the past, our ancestors used to consider lunar and solar eclipses as the anger of gods. However, after the development and study of natural science, people understood that these are natural phenomena and not the curse of gods. Education unveiled many mysteries that used to make man worried in the past. It gives us clear and true picture of things. For example, the concept of mirage, earlier people used to be confused about mirage. However, now it is clear that mirage is nothing but reflection of light. Still there are people who believe in ghosts and miracles, but there number has decreased. Most of the educated people look for an explanation for anything new. That is the foundation for new research and innovations everyday.There is another way of understanding the point of view of the author. Different people from different socio-economic environments perceive a situation in different manners. Education makes us realize that the world cannot be divided in good or bad. Sometimes, the situations are very complex and we have to change our viewpoint keeping in mind all the aspects of the situation. For example, if something wrong happens, then two people can perceive the situation oppositely. One person might think negatively and remorse however, another person who has positive attitude, will try to study the situation and will try to correct it. The problems and crisis can also sometimes work as awakening calls and as the reasons for development. Like, to know the mysteries of day and night, stars, sun, other planets, man has studied cosmic science and this has changed the way we used to think before.There is also another example of Asian financial crisis. It had a very negative effect on the Asian economy. However, this also forced people to sit back and study the financial situation. The Asian governments took the situation in their hand to correct the financial situation. After that, Asia has developed very fast.Hence, it can be concluded that as time flows, our way to perceive the world changes. This is not because the world is changing, but because our knowledge is changing. Studies let us think more intelligently and objectively.SAT Issue Essay 1 | SAT Issue Essay 2 | SAT Issue Essay 3 | SAT Issue Essay 4 | SAT Issue Essay 5 | SAT Issue Essay 6 | SAT Issue Essay 7 | SAT Issue Essay 8 | SAT Issue Essay 9

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