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The Best Tips for Writing your MBA Essay

Taking the GMAT in order to secure admission in a top MBA college and a program is one thing and the rest that follows the test is also equally important. Even if you get a great score, say 750, you shall have to be very diligent towards the process of applying for any college. Normally, right after you obtain your GMAT scores, there are certain formalities that you must address pertaining to applying to any management college. Every student is typically recommended to enclose:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Essays
  • Recommendation letters
  • Transcripts
  • Fee along with the GMAT test scores that you might have obtained etc.

Let us now have a detailed look at what essays mean and how they can potentially affect your career.

What are MBA Essays?

GMAT test scores are just a measure of your performance abilities with respect to academic and analytical knowledge. However, the admission authorities of any management institute analyze more of you through the above mentioned requisites. Of all the above mentioned required documents, essays are probably the most important aspects for your chances of securing admission. Essays for MBA should be written by you as instructed by the respective institutions.Normally, any institution demands two essays, for which they provide necessary instructions. You should carefully think over and then submit your essays so that they can help fetch you a good impression, apparently, by being sincere. essays are, in a way, kind of interview. They let you speak directly to the admission authorities, present your potential to prove that you are worthy enough for the seat that they are going to offer. Let us now concentrate on how to frame good MBA essays that can create a good impression.How to Write Good MBA Essays?The art of presenting good essay for MBA, in this context, is normally understood by many in an incorrect way. The following points illustrate what aspects you should consider while you write these essays:

  • The most important aspect that everybody should remember is honesty.
  • Some of you might think that if you are honestly presenting what you have experienced, then where would the question of a good and bad essay come from? This is the part where you should be alert.
  • Being honest does not mean that you should be submissive. You should be able to explain the reality that you have faced. In the same way, you should never exaggerate yourself or your deeds. You must be composed, do not let them take sympathy and should sound confident.
  • ‘Describe overcoming a personal setback’ is an example essay prompt. You must be composed while you explain. Do not let them take sympathy by explaining the setback more since the point is about overcoming it and so your tone should suggest that you are a confident learner.
  • The above point is a small example. However, it is advised that you go through different examples to make sure that you present an essay that can make an impression.

Points that you Should Remember

  • Presenting essays is explaining about your thoughts and the way you react. It is very much like a personal interview except that you have a chance of refining your words rather than going extempore.
  • These essays matter a lot. You should not take a risk by messing with them. Try never to cross the word limit that has been set. It gives a very wrong impression. Make sure that you limit yourself within the laid instructions.
  • Presenting what you think makes you different from others is a very important aspect concerning the essays. You should be able to highlight this issue. In this process, you should be careful that you do not lose your own integrity by unconsciously exaggerating your profile.

Mentioned above are the most important aspects that every applicant should consider definitively. These essays surely do have the power to either take you to places or even take you down. Hence, you should make serious effort to make your essays appealing.

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