About Us

Your present is our arena and your dreams are our motivation!

ExamFocus.com is based on the principle that hard work and persistence shall overcome any hurdle, no matter how big it is. So when you decide to take on the challenges of pursuing higher education in the US, then no matter how difficult the path, we shall assist you to succeed in your endeavors.

ExamFocus.com offers practice tests for all the major tests held in USA: GRE, GMAT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, ACT, TOEFL, PSAT, IELTS, GED. These practice tests cover all the test sections in each of these tests. Your performance is timed and scored as well. For each question, you can see the correct answer explanation and also see why other options are incorrect. You can even mark a question that you wish to go through later. With other such features, we help you sharpen your test-taking skills by taking our practice tests. You may find it difficult to fathom, but these practice tests are actually totally free!

Ours is a non-profit organization, that was launched with the idea of helping students pursue education in the USA. You are sure to have noticed that ExamFocus.com is fuss-free and we have no advertisements on our website. We aim at providing you with excellent practice tests taken in an environment conducive to single-pointed concentration, which accelerates learning.

Our simplicity and goal-oriented approach at every step we take is the reason for our success and we promise ourselves not to digress. We constantly look for scope of improvement and regularly upload new test questions as per the dynamic test requirements. We shall soon extend our services to almost all such tests in the USA. Stay connected with ExamFocus.com and keep progressing with us!